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We are engaged in a wide range of irrigation and horticulture services.


The most important thing in landscaping is irrigation. Water supply is essential for plants, especially in summer.

We offer RAIN BIRD system, the world’s leading manufacturer of irrigation equipment, with a 5 year warranty.

The purpose of the irrigation system is to evenly and efficiently apply water in the minimum amount necessary for the healthy development of grassland and plant material.



Creative solutions for landscaping your garden and yard. Mowing, feeding, ventilation, and disease protection. Cutting grass, forming and rejuvenating hedges.

Beautifying the design and walkability of the garden with decorative and functional garden paths. Cleaning of impurities from stone, marble, granite, tiles, etc. Pruning, rejuvenation, formation and shaping of all kinds of fruit trees, shrubs and ornamental plants.

By shrinking neglected surfaces, we put the field into operation and prepare for further work. By planting lawns, fruit trees and ornamental plants, we give the garden its functionality and design

Installation of outdoor lighting

We offer professional LED lighting, lighting installation for lighting gardens, green spaces and driveways.

Irrigation design

Testing of the water supply connection, after which we apply the obtained characteristics of the water supply connection in the design of the project. To build an automatic irrigation project, you should have a horticulture project. We make different types of irrigation: sprinklers, micro irrigation, drip irrigation (above ground irrigation and underground irrigation)

Irrigation maintenance

With well-designed irrigation systems, maintenance is reduced to commissioning the irrigation system and cleaning the system before winter (air compressor).


Drip irrigation

Lawn irrigation

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Our work